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Unique travel experiences 


How do you differentiate your hospitality offering in a competitive market?


We believe that Corr Cabins offer a unique opportunity to provide a holistic, curated travel experience to your guests and customers. 


Our vision goes beyond the customary stay's brief welcome and keys share: we want to encourage and support you to imagine a boutique accommodation experience that opens the door to curiosity and discovery for your guests of the best the local area has to offer. 


In Corr Cabins, everything from the artwork on the walls to the soft furnishings and the complementary delicatessen basket give travellers an opportunity to sample and interact with local artisan products and the stories behind them. 


Using mixed media through a custom digital app accessible on ipad or phone, we can enhance your guests stay by offering them an introduction to the local area's history, amenities and experiences to make their stay more pleasurable and allow them to buy in local experiences and activities seamlessly, at the click of a button.


Whether that's rafting down the local river, joining a cheese making workshop at a nearby farm, or discovering foraging with a passionate chef who will cook an authentic meal for them by the Corr Cabins fire afterwards, we can support you in facilitating unique adventures that will enrich your guests' stay and help them embrace local living at its best. 


We are big advocates of small independent businesses and believe in supporting local experience economies to help them succeed. We see this as a mutually beneficial relationship where your partners benefit from an introduction to guests who are keen on embracing local products and adventures, travellers who make the most of their stay with unforgettable memories with more ease, and for you, the host, the guarantee you're offering a standout experience which will lead to stellar reviews and more bookings, as well as the opportunity to develop an additional affiliate revenue stream as passive income. 


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