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Job Opportunities

To Apply for a position please email us (subject Corr Job) please send us your CV and a covering email with some examples of your work to 

Positions acailable:


- Experienced Fabricator Maker 


- Mid Level Fabricator Maker

1. Experienced Fabricator Maker


Salary £29-£36k +benefits d.o.e.

37.5hrs/wk. + occasional overtime 


Experienced self-employed and looking for stability?

Experienced highly skilled employee looking to learn and move forwards?


Corr is looking for a fastidious, self-motivated workshop foreman to lead a production team of 2-6 individuals and day-to-day operations on the floor, monitoring the team closely whilst maintaining an efficient and positive environment in which individuals can take pride in their work and develop their skills. 

Acting as a constructive go-between for the team and the production manager, the role will comprise of the following responsibilities: 



  • Leading the team in a respectful, positive and supportive manner at all times. 

  • Identifying individuals' strengths & weaknesses and providing opportunities for them to grow and improve.

  • Fostering a general culture of pride, satisfaction and camaraderie within the team focused around a very high standard of work.

  • Ensuring individuals within the team develop a suitable level of autonomy and responsibility in their work.



  • Overseeing all manufacturing activity on the shop floor on a daily basis

  • Closely monitoring stock, deliveries production processes, safety, design detailing, quality control, infrastructure maintenance and production logistics.

  • Working closely with the production manager to progress and improve various elements of production, framework and design.

  • Communicating with the production manager, external contractors, clients and suppliers regarding logistics.

  • Maintaining an extremely high level of consistency, detail, thoroughness, accuracy and concise communication in every instance. 



  • Ensuring proper and safe working practices are upheld at all times by all members of staff. 

  • Monitoring and maintaining a high level of quality control across the whole team.

  • Thoroughly training individuals in product detailing and production techniques. 

  • Assigning tasks to individuals and groups within the team on a daily basis. 


Essential Skills:

  • Excellent technical and personal communication skills 

  • Proven experience of high quality workmanship and ability in a variety of areas such as woodworking, cabinet making, shopfitting, finishing, construction, 1st fix electrical, plumbing etc.

  • Good knowledge of a wide variety of building materials and products (i.e. glues, finishes, chemicals etc.) and their proper application.

  • Ability to accurately understand and interpret complex technical drawings.


Desirable Skills:

  • Team leadership and staff training experience

  • Literacy in AutoCAD, Sketchup, Fusion 360 or other drawing packages

  • Spray finishing

  • Welding

  • Forklift training

  • Design experience



  • Free/discounted stays in Cabins at select locations

  • Performance related annual bonus

  • Flexible work hours where necessary

  • Minimum 28 days holiday (more available based on early completion of work)

  • Bike to work scheme

  • Sick pay policy

2. Mid Level Fabricator Maker


£10-£14/hr d.o.e. (£19,500 - £27,300)

37.5hrs/wk. + occasional overtime 


We're looking for diverse, enthusiastic, detail oriented people to join our production team. If you're from a woodworking, design, construction, architectural or any other kind of creative background with any level of experience in hands on fabrication, get in touch.   

Responsibilities of the role include:



  • Eagerness for responsibility, self-motivation, autonomy and positivity.

  • An ability to work safely, respectfully and constructively in a shared space as part of a team and as an individual.

  • An excellent eye for detail and motivation to improve upon existing knowledge and abilities

  • Fostering a culture of pride, satisfaction and camaraderie in yourself and others to nurture a fulfilling working environment.



  • Carrying out all aspects of cabin construction including structural assembly, a variety of woodworking, roofing, cabinetmaking, welding/metalworking, 1st fix electrical installation, plumbing, flooring, spray finishing, glazing, fitting and finishing.

  • Using a variety of machinery, power tools and hand tools

  • Working at height

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the design and construction process.


Essential Skills:

  • Proven technical proficiency and a strong intuition for thinking multiple steps ahead.

  • A methodical mindset and problem solving.

  • Excellent communication skills within a team, i.e. an ability to be thorough, clear and concise.



Desirable skills:

  • 2+ yrs. of woodworking or other fabrication experience with both hand skills and power tools

  • Previous experience of reading and interpreting complex technical drawings 

  • Experience of working with AutoCAD, Sketchup, or other drawing packages

  • Experience of spray finishing or welding.

  • First aid training



  • Free/discounted stays in Cabins at select locations

  • Performance related annual bonus

  • Flexible work hours where necessary

  • Minimum 28 days holiday (more available based on early completion of work)

  • Bike to work scheme

  • Sick pay policy

Mid Fabricator Maker
Experienced Fabricator Maker
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