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Are you looking to buy a modern, Scandi-style cabin for a fraction of the cost?

Corr Cabins manufactures high-end, self-contained cabins and glamping pods to order, that blend an elegant aesthetic as well as high-quality, natural materials at a cost-effective price point for the optimum outdoor camping pod experience. Get the best return on your investment! Built in our workshop in Edinburgh, UK to the highest standard and delivered anywhere, we designed Corr Cabins to meet the needs of business and private investors. Challenge the status quo in the holiday let industry, by purchasing one of our luxury cabins and see our fantastic design options below. Corr Cabins want to make it possible for everyone to enjoy a standout luxury camping pod experience without any compromises. 

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Balancing minimal clean lines and elegant, durable materials, our range of luxury, design led cabins and glamping pods hit the sweet spot between style, comfort and affordability. Their distinctive look and layout have been precisely designed to maximise space and offer a unique all year-round accommodation solution for outdoor adventure and wellbeing retreats, in a rapidly growing consumer market for unique getaways that don't cost the earth.  

(All prices shown are indicative costs based on current build cost. Exact quotes issued at point of order and valid for 30 days due to large fluctuations in material cost at present.)


Bothy Cabin £40,000 

Our Bothy range celebrate rustic charm

a re-imagined glamping pod but with the Corr trade mark of attention to design and detail. Stripped back to basics, the bothy offers the charm of living off the land, using wood for heating and cooking and oil lamps by night will help you truly get away from it all. Put your phone in the locked phone box and really detach.


This cabin works perfectly in rural settings or camp sites where central facilities are available. We can also supply WC EnSite blocks to support a site of multiple units.


Lux Compact Cabin £60,000

Perfectly suited for those who enjoy the quieter side of life, these self-contained cabins are a mixture of sleek design with a cosy, comfortable interior. Guests can picture themselves curling up by the log burning fire, after a wonderful day of enjoying the local scenery.


Obtain one of these self-contained, luxury living spaces for a fantastic price. Corr Cabins has challenged the stigma of camping/glamping in dilapidated accommodation and turned the concept into something more modern and ideally suited for today’s luxury seeking holidaymaker. 


Lux Two Bed Cabin £120,000 

The 2 bedroom Maxi Cabin is our largest,  the perfect getaway for families or friends.  The cabin is designed around a large central open plan living/dining space with full floor to ceiling windows - an ideal base for small groups or families to enjoy nature and a unique stay. 
Like the rest of our Lux range complete with wood burning stove and high end finishes.  


Corr Cabins are a new alternative to current ‘designer’ holiday accommodation which often have a hefty price tag, and cheap but dated, poor-quality glamping pods, cabins and caravans. A stylish, sustainable solution that is unbeatable in quality, value and price, Corr Cabins raise the bar of the luxury glamping pod outdoor holiday experience at a fraction of the set-up cost to you as a business or investor. Our modern, architectural, self-contained cabins create unforgettable glamping trip memories for guests and leave them coming back for more! 

The first affordable luxury cabins for sale in the UK

What we do: 

Manufacturers of luxury cabins that don't cost the earth 

We are passionate about making it easy for anyone to buy a stylish, affordable cabin retreat or self-contained pod. hand crafted in our workshop on a country estate outside Edinburgh delivered anywhere in the UK and Europe, Corr Cabins are an innovative and cost-effective investment. from as little as 10 weeks from order to installation, you could soon be planning your first excursion, welcoming guests, or renting your modular cabin to holidaymakers looking for a unique ‘staycation’ in the UK. Do you have acres of land but unsure of how to use them effectively? Chat to our cabin manufacturers today by visiting our contact page. We offer a seamless process from start to finish, with a full site evaluation, tailored design and we even offer marketing and social media services to help kickstart your new business venture. Join the moving trend of staycations by developing a glamping pod or modern, self-contained cabin which can create amazing getaways for guests and help to provide an extra source of income. 

Design & deliver high quality, luxury cabins 


Our first self-contained Corr Cabin will start welcoming guests in spring 2021.  Are you an investor or landowner considering buying a modular cabin as a new revenue stream? From land feasibility studies to planning applications and site development, we are here to help you visualise how your project will come to life and plan the speed of your return on investment.

Partnership & collaboration 

Creating experiences people want

Today, travellers and customers expect more from their stay. Beyond a comfortable and inviting space to call home, they are looking to embrace local experiences and make unforgettable memories. Our vision for Corr Cabins is to create stand-out destinations that offer thoughtful curated spaces and connections to local goods and adventures. From the artisan coffee that helps your guests start their day, to the cabin decor they can purchase for their own home, and the signature local experiences they can take part in such as cheese making, foraging and outdoor adventures, we believe in creating hospitality experiences that will delight travellers and guarantee an additional revenue stream for Corr Cabins owners.


With 30 years of experience in design and architecture across retail, leisure, hospitality and visitor experiences, designers Adam Storey and Euan Anderson create brands and spaces that people love. They set out to solve a dilemma and fill a gap in the growing holiday market by designing Corr Cabins as a new alternative between ‘designer’ holiday accommodation with a hefty price tag, and cheap but dated, poor-quality glamping pods, cabins and caravans.

A stylish, sustainable, self-contained solution that is unbeatable in quality, value and price, Corr Cabins raise the bar of the tiny house outdoor holiday experience at a fraction of the set-up cost. Are you interested in one of our self-contained pods for sale? Contact us today!

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We also provide a design and build service for bespoke camping pod orders, just call us on 07949871250 or 07779784340 for more information on our tailored, Scandi-style cabins and glamping pods. We also regularly post updates and design ideas on our Instagram page.