Meet the creators

With shifts in how people live, work and play, a huge proportion of travellers are yearning for original accommodation options closer to home across the UK that will still offer them a sense of escapism and wanderlust.

There is no doubt that the outdoor adventures we had as kids have left an indelible mark on us. Those sleepy morning car rides towing the caravan, long days spent exploring the outdoors, swimming and surfing, building dens in the woods - these are memories treasured and shared to this day. 

Believing there should be a better option than typical glamping pods and outmoded caravans at an affordable price-point, we turned our frustration at not finding the right quality cabin home we wanted to purchase, into entrepreneurial drive and designed Corr Cabins for ourselves. 

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Adam Storey is the founder and creative director at S+CO (, an agency specialising in hospitality, retail, and brand spaces and experiences. With a background in design and architecture creating interior spaces for the likes of Harvey Nichols, Warner Brothers, Virgin, Natwest, The Lookout by Gardeners Cottage and years of experience working with modular construction for outdoor and leisure business, such as Surf Snowdonia, Wavegarden, and Adventure Dock, he brings a rigorous technical understanding of spaces and materials. Adam also founded Life Story, the Edinburgh concept store featuring interior decor and accessories from international designers and makers to discernible shoppers.

Euan Anderson has a rich background in both technical architectural and interior design for retail environments. Pairing design flair and commercial acumen with his love of outdoor adventures and watersports, he brings a wealth of experience in creating successful experiential environments that create memories. Joining forces with Adam at S+CO since 2017, Euan has delivered a wide range of design projects including Wavegarden Scotland. 


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